Meet the Dream Team!

About Us

Sally and Lacey have been friends for over 9 years and have been working together for the last 4 years. They share a mutual love of photography, coffee and spending time with friends. Sally has been photographing weddings for more than 10 years and holds a licentiate qualification through the SWPP. After she photographed Lacey’s wedding in 2015, the two started working together more frequently. They realised they worked extremely well together as a team. The vision for a joint venture was born and they have been training and working hard to make the dream team a reality. Today they form an experienced, cohesive and organised duo and their clients needs are the ultimate objective in their work.

Sally is the spearhead of Lace and Lowe.  She is quick witted, zealous, innovative and committed to giving you the best possible wedding experience. Sally will capture every laugh, tear and shout for joy in stunning detail. She prides herself on crisp, sharp photography and she excels in taking those dreamy, romantic portraits of the bride and groom. Sally has a calm disposition which makes you feel at ease and draws out the best in you. She is great at liaising with both guests and vendors to keep the day running to schedule. She also loves taking the unique wedding ring shots that you see proudly displayed across our site. 

 5 of Sally's favourite things include:

1) Walks in the forest with the dog and the family

2) Writing! The first novel is currently being drafted!

3) Trips to the coast - especially when combined with fish and chips on the beach for dinner!

4) Keeping fit

5) Super cute furry animals - foxes being the absolute favourite!

Lacey is kind hearted, brilliantly funny, creative and ambitious.  All qualities that make her a fantastic wedding photographer.  She started off assisting Sally and has worked hard over the last 4 years to develop her knowledge and individual style. She is articulate and has a natural tendancy to make people laugh and put them at ease.  This always shows in the portraits they create together as a team.  Lacey has a keen eye for detail. She loves to document all the design elements of your day that you have put so much thought into. 

5 of Lacey's favourite things include:

1) Harry Potter! The books, the films and the studio! 

2) Her Nanny Garrods roast dinners!

3) Travelling to new places

4) Emily Bronte - and generally any periodic novels!

5) Rainy sundays, snuggling on the sofa with a good book.

One of our favourite moments whilst working together has been having one of our editorial images on the front cover of Your East Anglian Wedding Magazine. We collaborated with 10 local companies to put together the themed shoot.  Alice in Wonderland was our inspiration and gave us the perfect opportunity to be creative.  The shoot took place at The Riverside Hotel in Mildenhall.