Looking for fun, relaxed wedding photography?

Then we are so happy you're here! We've had the immense pleasure of capturing so many wonderful wedding days over the years. Perhaps you're wanting to get a little look into how we run a wedding day? Mostly, we capture weddings in a documentary style, as they happen. We get all those valuable little moments and details you don't want to miss, without butting in. We come super prepared, knowing the schedule of the day and working with you and your suppliers, to keep it all on track. Our experienced and unobtrusive approach allows us to document the feel of your day without monopolising your time. We want you, and your guests to enjoy the wedding you've worked so hard on!


That doesn't mean we don't love to get hands on - we'll always jump in when needed! We still take care of those formal family group photos, and the all important couple shots. We know being in front of the camera isn't everyones cup of tea, so we'll happily take the reins, making sure you're relaxed, having fun, and looking bloody gorgeous in the process.


We love to have fun with our clients and as long as you trust us and our creative scheming, we know we can get the pictures that make you go "awrh!". We will be your hype girls during the whole day! We've helped dress brides, tie cravats, attach button holes and wiped away plenty of joyful tears in our time shooting weddings and we'll tell you now, there's nothing else we'd rather be doing.


Check out the gallery and if you want to ask us anything, there's a contact form at the bottom of the page.


If you're already booked in for your wedding day and you're getting those pre-wedding day jitters, why not book in for an engagement shoot, or as we like call them our "Adventure Sessions!"



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